NETschool Bendigo provides a re-engagement education program for young people aged 15 to 19 years who have left or are at risk of leaving mainstream schooling but are committed to continuing their education.

NETschoolƵs success is built on three core values of TRUST, OPTIMISM and COMMITMENT. NETschool staff actively listen, accept differences, support each individualƵs needs, negotiate and encourage, and demonstrate and promote respect for all.

Is NETschool for me?

  • I am 15 to 19 years of age
  • I have minimal school attendance, or I am enrolled at a school but I donƵt believe that I can stay at school to complete Year 11/12
  • I have stable accommodation or I am being supported by an agency to get secure accommodation
  • I have a good, stable relationship with a supportive adult (eg. parent, aunt, uncle, youth worker, etc)
  • I can control my own behaviour
  • I am connected to/will commit to connecting with external supports such as a counsellor, caseworker, doctor or mental health specialist.
  • If using drugs/alcohol I have evidence that I am committed to minimising my use/working towards resolving this issue, eg. I am linked in with YSAS etc.
  • I want to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions so I can make positive changes in my life and find a good educational pathway.
  • I will uphold the values of Trust, Optimism and Commitment.

How will NETschool support me?

NETschool Bendigo is a second campus of Bendigo Senior Secondary College (Ƶ), located at 26 Williamson Street. NETschool provides a highly individualised program that strives to support each learnerƵs wellbeing and builds their readiness to learn. NETschool provides access to formal studies that align with each learnerƵs individual needs.

NETschool learners are supported to develop the resilience to confidently participate in a wide range of activities and social contexts. Learners are supported to develop confidence in their ability to learn on their own, as well as be part of a collaborative team. NETschoolƵs goal is for each learner to find their best education pathway, whether it be completing their secondary education, skilled employment or further training/education beyond Ƶ.

New learners to the program have two program option, depending on availability: Centre-based learning (full-time), and Progression learning (part-time).

Most learners are able to attend NETschool’ s Centre-based learning program every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:50am to 3:30pm. For these learners, Wednesdays are then available for Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects or other Ƶ subjects at the main campus if applicable, medical appointments, work placements etc.

The personal circumstances of some learners, however, will only allow them to attend the NETschool campus on a part-time basis. These learners may then be selected to participate in the Progression learning program. Through the part-time program, they can strive to develop the relational skills and resilience to potentially progress to the full-time learning program or on to skilled employment, further education or training.

At the NETschool campus of Ƶ, learners receive individual support from our highly skilled and committed team of mentors as well as from specialist teachers who attend the campus from Bendigo Senior Secondary College throughout the week. Mentors and teachers actively listen, accept differences, support individualƵs needs, negotiate, encourage and promote respect to best support each learner’s education pathway.


From August 2007 to early 2010, the NETschool program was evaluated by Di Cox from the School of Social Work […]

Learning at NETschool

NETschool learners work with curriculum that meets their individual needs and interests via full-time or part-time programs, with the support […]